Cold Pressed Juicing



We could go on and on about all the benefits of cold pressed juices, especially ours.  The biggest benefit of cold pressed juice is the slow oxidation during the juice extraction.  Our cold press juicer shreds the plant into a filter bag and then is met with two steels plates that will press over 12,000 pounds of pressure to extract the juice from the pulp.  Using this multi-step process there is never any heat applied to the plant and allows all the minerals, enzymes, vitamins, and natural fruit sugars to be bottled and kept up to 7 days.  Speaking of, cold pressed juice is the only method of juicing that can be bottled without adding any preservatives. 

This brings us to the next biggest question.  What is the difference between our cold pressed juices and the cold pressed juices that are sold in the grocery store?  Juices that are purchased from ANY grocery store have been pasteurized and/or processed; unless it is made on sight at the store.  The Food and Drug Administration requires juices sold by anyone other than the manufacture to be processed and/or pasteurized to extend the shelf life.  During pasteurization, juices can come in contact with temperatures that exceed 100 degrees fahrenheit, therefore compromising the health benefits of the juice, leaving you drinking sugar and water.  Juices that are high pressure processed, HPP, do not come in contact with heat, but still compromises the nutrition of the juice.  Though it is a non thermal, cold processing technique, it receives high levels of hydrostatic pressure, inactivating its microorganisms.  These juices will still have the nutrients from the plants, but no live enzymes to help heal the body and will not have the same bold flavor.  The juices we sell are 100% raw and are bursting full of nutrients, live enzymes, and flavor.  We believe our juices have the power to heal.

If we have not convinced you yet that our juices are worth the money, keep reading!  We serve our juices in 16 ounce bottles.  These 16 ounces are filled with nothing but fruits and vegetables.  Each bottle has 3-5 pounds of fruits and vegetables, NEVER diluting our juices with water.  Our beet and carrot juice alone actually has over 5 pounds of beet and carrot in each juice. WOW, right? We believe we serve the healthiest and best tasting juice in the south.  Did we mention that  we do all the dirty work, so you don’t have to?  Because we juice on a commercial juicer that stands as tall as we do, things get a bit messy.  We are unable to customize juices, but ensure our recipes will excite your pallet.  Each fruit and vegetable is juiced separately to prevent cross contamination and made in small batches.  Our staff washes, chops, shreds, juices, strains, mixes, bottles, labels, and cleans so you can swing by and grab a pre-bottled juice of goodness chilled ready to be shaken and drank! 


Cold Pressed. 100% RAW. Never heated. Never processed or pasteurized.
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