The Cleansing 4-1-1

Sometimes life gets in the way of a healthy lifestyle. As parents, adventure seekers, and just regular humans here at RAW, we totally understand! We developed our juices and smoothies to bring balance to that messy life on a daily basis, but sometimes what you need is a fresh start. Cue one of our detoxing cleanses!

A juice cleanse can have many benefits: regulating digestion by eliminating toxins; increasing energy, stamina, and mental clarity; improving sleep patterns; decreasing bloat; rejuvenating skin, hair, and nails; kick starting a more healthy lifestyle – just to name a few!

However, we also know that taking on a full cleanse can be intimidating. That’s why we’re here to help! We invite you to stop into our storefront or give us a call at any time to discuss your cleansing options. But in the meantime, check out these FAQs to help you have the best cleanse possible for your body!

Is there anything I should do before I start my cleanse?

There’s no denying beginning a juice cleanse can be tough! We recommend taking at least three days, all the way up to a week, to make these changes in order to set the best foundation for your cleanse:

  • Eliminate from your diet as much as possible:

    • Caffeine

    • Alcohol

    • Meat

    • Dairy

    • Gluten

    • Processed Foods

    • Refined Sugars

  • Get Plenty of Sleep (preferably 8 hours a night)

  • Hydrate! Most of us don’t drink enough water, but hydrating your body prior to cleansing will help eliminate headaches and fatigue.

What should the days following my cleanse look like?

We know you’re feeling great post-cleanse, but don’t reward yourself with unhealthy food (believe us, your body will thank you)! The days following your cleanse should look a lot like the days prior to it. We even suggest skipping solid foods on the first day after  you finish and easing your digestive tract back in with soups and smoothies.

What will the “elimination process” look like?

Everybody, and every body, reacts differently to a cleanse. The main thing to note here is that if your body’s elimination habits change, especially in the first day or two of a cleanse, don’t be alarmed! If you are in the bathroom slightly more than normal, remember that this is just your body getting rid of toxins. If you find that after the first day or two you’re not using the bathroom as much – give us a call! We will usually recommend some “shots” to help get things moving along.

How much H2O should I be drinking?

We recommend 16oz of water for every 16oz juice or RAWmond Milk.

Can I work out during my cleanse?

Absolutely! We believe that sweat helps the elimination process – but don’t overdo it! When we cleanse we prefer a gentle yoga class or a light walk or jog. Typically you know your body better than anyone else, so listen to what it’s telling you and don’t push yourself too hard. That being said, exercise is part of a healthy balanced lifestyle and we wouldn’t want to get in the way of that!

What will I feel like during my cleanse?

We will always maintain that everybody and every body reacts to a cleanse differently. The first day or two you may find yourself tired or with a headache – this is totally normal, drink extra water! You also might feel “hungry” at the beginning; remember that your juices are typically plenty of caloric intake and that the hunger you’re feeling is your brain being in the habit of eating solid foods. We have found that the further into your cleanse you get, your body starts to appreciate the love that you’re giving it and you typically find yourself with more energy, a clearer mind, and an overall happier disposition!

How long should I cleanse for?

Our cleanses are priced by the day, so the length depends on you! Most people cleanse for between 3-7 days. If you are new to cleansing, however, we don’t recommend starting with more than 3 days. We also prefer to have a complimentary consultation with anyone wanting to cleanse longer than 7 days.

Can I eat during my cleanse?

When you eat solid foods during your cleanse, your body’s energy is spent on digesting that food instead of the cleansing process, so we don’t recommend it. That being said, one of the main initiatives of a cleanse is to listen to your body and get in tune with what it’s telling you; so if you are feeling like you NEED to eat, you should do that. We recommend only raw fruits and veggies, or blending your juice with ice and a banana into a smoothie.

Can I have caffeine during my cleanse?

We don’t recommend it! The purpose of a cleanse is to rid your body of the habitual toxins it’s used to. Try to wean yourself off of caffeine in the days leading up to the cleanse, and hydrate yourself properly to avoid headaches.

Can I cleanse if I’m pregnant?

Juice Cleanses are not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers.

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